Blockchain Revelation (Part II) — Development & Challenges of Public Blockchain

VI. The difference between the EOSForce mainnet and the EMLG mainnet contracts

Two weeks ago we launched the EOSFore mainnet contract. I will talk about the difference between EOSForce and EMLG mainnet contracts. We have learned from EMLG development, such as CPU net and things like that. We posed questions on issues related to these subject matters at the beginning of the launch and discovered that these issues do exist during actual operations on the mainnet. That’s why we had delayed the launch of smart contract until recent, mainly for the resource issue.

VII. Future of DAPP development

1. What is DApp? I have noticed that many of my friends are investing in DApps or playing with them while having no clue at all about what they actually are. DApp stands for Decentralized Application. Application suggests a business setting, and decentralized means smart contract, or you could see it as storing computing data of the business in a decentralized storage or governance structure.

VIII. A Possible roadmap for DAPP and smart contract

Below are some ideas developed when we were discussing with some blockchain developers with regard to possible routes for DApp and smart contract.

IX. Why must we use the blockchain to reshape the future?

1. Enlarged gap between rich and poor in the Internet era. The main area the blockchain will reshape seems to be the Internet business. In fact, everyone will find that in the Internet era, the gap between the rich and the poor is expanding. Why? The reason is that in the age of the Internet, your data is production materials. Under this centralized system, your data is not owned by you. It belongs to these big companies, and the big companies get more income through the data. In any traditional industry, there is no such thing as an exponential rise as you would see in the Internet sector. It’s just that you double your investment and double your income. But in the Internet age, the only reliance is on the machines and users. Unlimited revenue can be generated by the user’s data, but all of this revenue is fed back to his shareholders, leading to users and so-called employees. This income gap is actually very large.

X. Future development direction of blockchain

1. Bitcoin’s status as the center of the crypto asset ledger is unshakeable. Next, let’s brag about the development direction of the blockchain. The future of EOS and other chains of POS and DPOS, those blockchains for computing storage puroses, have a long way to go to get mainstream. Many technologies have not yet broken through yet, and the ecosystem is not rich enough. Bitcoin has been a billing center for the entire digital currency industry for a long time, and it is unshakable.



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