Cyborg AMA Recap|About EOS

Q1: How does EOSC balance the relationship between EOS and Cosmos? Any special emphasis laid?

Cyborg: There are two possibilities. One is that we can connect EOSC and Cosmos directly through cross-chain. Another solution is more radical, which is to migrate directly to the Cosmos ecosystem through a hard fork.

Q2: It’s difficult for developers to join in, and almost no development kit is available. What do you think of these issues?

Cyborg: The biggest problem we have encountered in EOS community is that developers cannot collaborate well. Basically, is doing its own things, and then we are doing ours. There is no way to build a collaborative ecosystem. But when we were doing Cosmos development, we found that some things in the community can be shared, and its collaboration efficiency is higher. In Cosmos community, the advantage is that the entire community is working on these developer tools, and then everyone can reuse them.

Q3: Is Voice related to EOS?

Cyborg: Voice is developed by, but the only possibility that Voice can be deployed on the chain is that has a large number of system tokens and can mobilize so many resources. In other words, if you deploy one Voice, you basically cannot deploy the second Voice.

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