4 min readMar 24, 2020


On March 16th, the AMA began with Cyborg, the founder of EOSC. Thanks everyone for joining this event. Here are some highlights from the founder’s responses to the EOSC community:

Q1. For what reason did you made EOSC?

A1: We carried out in-depth research on the EOSIO protocol very early, and made some conclusions. First of all, we believed that EOSIO is a good protocol that can well meet everyone’s needs for blockchain performance at that time. The DPOS consensus algorithm allows the blockchain to achieve a better balance between decentralization and high performance. However, we did not agree with many governance designs of the EOSIO protocol. We believed that there are problems with the election mechanism of EOSIO, and these problems should also be resolved by some people. So EOSC community optimized the election mechanism of EOSIO and launched the EOSC mainnet at the genesis block height of one. Through persistently upgrading EOSC mainnet that makes EOSC Network evolve toward the decentralized high-performance smart contract platform.

Q2. #EOSCFORCE’s team consists of experienced and brilliant individuals. What made you to unite together and work in unison for the fulfillment of it?

A2:Our vision is to explore a more open cryptoeconomic infrastructure in practice. We believed that when the blockchain technology has advanced from a social experiment to a mass commercial implementation, cryptoeconomics will lead a new economic trend in the world, bringing epoch-making value and a better life to people around the world.

Q3. EOSforce have chosen a development route that is not compatible with the B1 code. What is the consideration? After all, this leads to EOSforce needing a completely different set of development tools. Will this make it more difficult for developers to enter?

In fact, EOSC is compatible with EOSIO. If you are familiar with the EOSIO codes, then you can easily participate in the development of EOSC. In the development planning of EOSC, we have always been as compatible with EOSIO as possible, not only EOS, but also other blockchains started based on EOSIO, such as Telos. We try to keep mutual adaptation as much as possible, which can be maintained at the same ecosystem.

Q4. How is EOSForce any better than EOS for DApp developing? Should we expect improvement in aspects like speed and security? Also has been stated that with EOSC users wont deal with resources management? If true, how transaction fees will be implemented.

Unlike EOS’s resource mortgage model, EOSC uses a fee model similar to ETH. At the same time, in order to provide users with a comfortable experience, EOSC has set a fixed fee for routine operations such as transfers, but it is compatible with the network carrying capacity. This allows EOSC users to use EOSC smoothly worrying about the complex fee logic.

For DAPP developers, they do not need to care about the purchase and use of resources such as RAM and CPU. They only need to set the corresponding fee (set_fee) for each action in the smart contract according to the resource consumption. This allows DAPP developers to focus on the business logic development itself without having to spend extra attention elsewhere.

Q5.When do we get our frozen tokens back?

I think you can communicate and discuss this issue with the community nodes. EOSC community voted for FIP # 11 in October 2019. If you have different opinions and ideas on this proposal, you can discuss it in the community or communicate with the EOSC BPs.

You can check FIP#11 via this link: https://github.com/eosforce/FIPs/blob/master/FIP%20%2311.md

Q6. What is the next step for EOS to be traded on decentralized platforms against other major cryptocurrencies?

Trading is a voluntary behavior of the community. As one of the core development teams of the EOSC mainnet, EOSForce Development Team focuses on the technical development of the chain level. On the one hand, we continue to evolve the technology on the EOSC mainnet according to our development roadmap. On the other hand, we will provide technical development support based on proposals approved by the community.

Q7.When EOSC on Newdex? Is there any possibility that EOSC will be integrated into the lynx wallet? When will eosforce be added in token pocket?

EOSC is a blockchain governed by the community. Many participants in the EOSC community have jointly promoted the development of EOSC.

If you have any good ideas or suggestions, you can initiate the community to act together.

EOSC mainnet has launched a decentralized budget system. Everyone’s contribution to EOSC mainnet can be correspondingly rewarded through the budget system. We also encourage everyone to initiate budget proposals via the budget system and jointly build the EOSC mainnet.

Q8. What is the utility use of your token?

There are two uses. On the one hand, for any blockchain, the resources on the chain such as CPU, RAM, NET are limited, and no one can use them unlimitedly. In this case, the on-chain token is equivalent to the use of resources, and the more EOSC you have, the more resources you can use on the chain.

On the other hand, EOSC tokens can be used to vote for staking and participate in the election of BPs. With the continuous improvement of the on-chain ecology, holders of EOSC tokens will also get more valuable services through EOSC tokens.