EOSC Weekly Report 05/17–05/23

Work Completed

1.EOSIO-based Externally Verifiable State Integrity solution

2.Multi-chain AMM solution on Binance Smart Chain and Huobi ECO Chain

Plan for Next Week

1.Ethereum cross-chain gateway based on EOSIO’s Externally Verifiable State Integrity

2.A meeting for core developers will be held to discuss the follow-up orientation of EOSC Budget System

Community News

1.EOSC’s cross-chain interoperability to BSC and HECO mainnet has been implemented so that community users can trade EOSC tokens on decentralized trading platforms such as Pancakeswap and MDX.




Decentralized high-performance smart contract platform www.eosforce.io

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Decentralized high-performance smart contract platform www.eosforce.io

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