EOSC Weekly Report #102


Work Completed
1.Added testing related to EOSC EOS-VM.
2.Translated IBC Terminology documentation.
3.Designed and compiled Cosmos isomorphic chain test cases.
4.Researched on the Synthetix Protocol solution.

Plan for Next Week
1.Add the management tool of Cosmos isomorphic application.
2.Research on Avalanche Protocol.
3.Improve the development of test cases for some modules of the Cosmos isomorphic chain.
4.Preliminary analysis of the Ethereum cross-chain solution and Defi function support scenarios.
5.Start the functional design of Cosmos isomorphic chain Explorer.

Community News
1.EOSC English community are holding a Telegram community activity.
2.The EOSC computer wallet was temporarily suspended due to data interface synchronization issues. The Secretariat recommended that the community temporarily use other wallets.
3.EOSC Foundation has approved the budget proposal for Bihu promotion, which is currently being publicized in the community.



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