EOSC Weekly Report #104


Work Completed
1. Fixed the problem found in the Wallet SDK of Cosmos isomorphic chain.
2. Checked the integrity of the test cases for each module of EOSC.
3. Deployed tBTC Protocol based on truffle test (20%).
4. Complete the development of test cases for the current modules of Cosmos Isomorphic Chain.

Plan for Next Week
1. Fixed the problem of EOSC History Plugin.
2. Deploy tBTC Protocol based on truffle test.
3. Improve Cosmos isomorphic chain startup and deployment commands.
4. Translate IBC Terminology documentation.

Community News
1. The Secretariat of EOSC Mainnet will hold an AMA event on next Wednesday.
2. The salary application proposal for EOSC Foundation has been reviewed and is currently being publicized in the community.



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