EOSC Weekly Report #105


Work Completed
1. Fixed the problem of EOSC History Plugin.
2. Deployed tBTC Protocol based on truffle test (40%).
3. Improved Cosmos isomorphic chain startup and deployment commands.
4. Translated IBC Terminology documentation.

Plan for Next Week
1. Add the asset management function of Cosmos isomorphic chain.
2. Deploy tBTC Protocol based on truffle test.
3. Research on the solution to Tss lib multi-party threshold signature.
4. Translate IBC Terminology documentation.
5. Merge EOSIO v2.0.7 update.

Community News
1. At the last AMA event, EOSC Founder Cyborg shared recent hot topics and EOSC Mainnet development plan with community members.
2. EOSC mainnet experienced a brief fork failure, which has been fixed with the cooperation of BPs.