EOSC Weekly Report #78

2 min readFeb 10, 2020


Work Completed

1. Merged EOSIO v2.0.1 to EOSC, test block synchronization.

2. Researched EOSC/Codex.io node log and state operation&maintenance plan based on ELK.

3. Codex.io transplanted eosio-java support library to test android environment adaptation.

4. Started the development of EVM runtime simulator project based on EOSIO contract environment and planned the project.

5. EVM simulator built a project framework and implemented ETH address support. It introduced Keccak-256 Hash algorithm to implement the basic Account-related tables and actions.

Plan for Next Week

1. Test EOSC v2.0.1. Update some online nodes to v2.0.1 to test the block producing and stability.

2. Improve EOSC/Codex.io node log and state operation&maintenance plan.

3. Test android environment adaptation of Codex.io java support library, improve development document.

4. Merge EOSC/Codex.io js support library with the latest update, improve development document.

5. EVM simulator implements the preliminary version of create action, withdraw action, and raw action.

6. EVM simulator implements genesis action to declare constants such as ChainID.

7. Introduce RLP parsing algorithm implementation in the contract environment to parse ETH transaction.

Community News

1. The Secretariat of EOSC mainnet is planning a new BP meeting to change the term of the Secretariat.

2. EOSC development team will participate in EOSIO Smart Contracts Challenge to jointly improve EOS ecology.

3. Eosgod node announced its resignation from the BP list and appealed to voters to transfer votes to other nodes.