EOSC Weekly Report #85


1. Translated the basic prat of Cosmos-SDK documents to Chinese, and proofread them. The translation has been merged into the main branch of cosmos-sdk.

2. Tested EOSC v2.0.4.

3. Tested EOSC v1.8.13.

4. Added support for EOSC EOS-VM performance test.

1. Translated Cosmos-SDK documents to Chinese and proofread them.

2. Refactor the support library of eosc and codex golang.

3. Test EOSC EOS-VM performance to compare with EOSIO running performance.

4. Design the EOSC support plan for Cosmos-sdk addresses.

1. EOSC Founder Cyborg was invited to a live event hosted by hosted by the BCH board in Bihu(币乎), sharing the development of EOSC mainnet and community.

2. The 5th Secretariat of EOSC mainnet organized a community governance meeting to discuss Proposal for Introducing An Entrusted Foundation to Participate in The Governance of Budget System.

3. Huohuo Wallet(火火钱包) proposed a budget for EOSC promotion, which is being reviewed by the Budgeting Committee.

4. Pool-X proposed a budget for EOSC Interest Rate Increase event, which is being reviewed by the Budgeting Committee.

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