EOSC Weekly Report #89


Work Completed
1.Collated EOSC genesis data to reduce plug-in incompatibility caused by EOSC genesis logic.
2.Transplanted Trace-related plug-ins to EOSC.

Plan for Next Week
1.Translate the module part of Cosmos-SDK documents to Chinese and proofread them.
2.Refactor the start logic of EOSC chain to reduce plug-in incompatibility caused by EOSC genesis logic.
3.Transplant Trace-related plug-ins to EOSC.

Community News
1.The first term of the EOSC Budgeting Committee has expired, and the work summary and handover are completed.
2.The 5th EOSC Secretariat held the 17th EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting to discuss EOSC Mainnet Fee Adjustment Proposal and the election of EOSC Foundation.
3.Lie, one of EOSC community members, was elected to be the person in charge of the 1st EOSC Foundation of Budget System.
4.EOSC BPs have approved the Foundation Proposal and Fee Adjustment Proposal by multi-sig, FIP#18 and FIP#19 have officially taken effect.
5.EOSC English Community launched a quiz contest on Twitter, which aroused an active participation of the users, and further enhanced community activity.

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