EOSC Weekly Report #91


Work Completed
1.Organized EOSC serialization and deserialization library, designed Cosmos-sdk cdc compatible with EOSC structure serialization support.
2.Tested the preliminary version of EOSC Trace plugin.
3.Refactored EOSC chain startup script to reduce cmd complexity
4.High-performance AMM mechanism research conducted.

Plan for Next Week
1.Fix problems found in the test of the preliminary version of EOSC Trace plugin, and synchronize EOSIO updates.
2.Implement a general EOS account support module and add Cosmos-sdk eosio module based on Cosmos-sdk.
3.Investigate IBC multi-chain cross-chain compatibility protocol.
4.Test the adaptability of Cosmos source JS SDK to Cosmos homogeneous chain.

Community News
1.LC coordinated with EOSC Community to initiate a marketing proposal, which is being publicized in the community.
2.EOSC officially entered LC community on May 14, 2020.
3.LC announced to run for EOSC Mainnet BP, promoting EOSC ecological prosperity.



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