EOSC Weekly Report #93


Work Completed
1. Implemented a general EOS account support module, and added the support for EOSIO uint64 account name.
2. Collated the implementation document of Cosmos-sdk IBC module, and researched on the support for EOSIO.
3. Collated the basic plan of transplanting Cosmos source JS SDK to Cosmos homogeneous chain.
4. Tested the adaptability of Cosmos source browser to Cosmos homogeneous chain.

Plan for Next Week
1. Develop JS SDK and related Demo of Cosmos homogeneous chain.
2. Design Auth structure of the account module of Cosmos homogeneous chain.
3. Translate the Basics part of Cosmos-SDK technical documentation.
4. Collate the recent development work on EOSIO, and check version merging.
5. Investigate and study Ant OpenChain Platform and it’s contract development technology.

Community News
1. The salary of the 4th EOSC Mainnet Secretariat in April has been publicized in the community and paid to the Secretariat’s account.
2. Yizhiduxiu(一枝毒秀), an EOSC community member, shared EOSC Promotion Campaign in the community, which is going to be officially launched next month.
3. Lie, representing EOSC Foundation, was invited to attend “Blockchain Use Case” forum to share the exploration experience of combining blockchain and industry.



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