EOSC Weekly Report #97


Work Completed
1.Refactored the Staking and Supply module of Cosmos homogeneous chain.
2.Fixed the issue of time stamp expiration found in the testing of Cosmos homogeneous chain JS SDK.
3.Translated the Tutorial part of Cosmos-SDK technical documentation.
4.Added integration testing of EOSC chain management.
5.Researched Compound mathematical model and its code implementation.

Plan for Next Week
1.Research the implementation of TBTC Cross-chain.
2.Translate the Interchain Standards part of Cosmos-SDK technical documentation.
3.Collate testing cases related to DB Plugin.
4.Optimize EOSC Serialization library, and design EOSC structure serialization compatible with Cosmos CDC support

Community News
1.The celebration event of EOSC Mainnet 2-Year Anniversary hosted by EOSC Foundation and EOSC Development Team was officially launched.
2.The winner list of EOSC 2-Year celebration event has been publicized in EOSC community.
3.Due to the adjustment of operating strategy, Bepal node announced its temporary withdrawal from the EOSC main network BP list, calling on voters to switch votes to other BPs.