EOSC Weekly Report #99


Work Completed
1.Fixed problems found in DB Plugin testing.
2.Researched the implementation of TBTC Cross-chain (40%).
3.Translated the Interchain Standards part of Cosmos-SDK technical documentation.
4.Optimized the implementation logic of Cosmos homogeneous chain’s asset function.
5.Provided a wider variety of Rest interfaces of the governance module to facilitate the development of governance tools.

Plan for Next Week
1.Research the implementation of TBTC Cross-chain.
2.Refine the documentation according to the recent test repairing and optimization updating results.
3.Translate Cosmos-SDK technical documentation.
4.Optimize the Tx-fee logic of Cosmos homogeneous chain.

Community News
1.The 5th Secretariat applied for the multi-sig of changing the administration authority of EOSC Foundation.
2.BPs approved the application of changing the administration authority of EOSC Foundation by multi-sig.
3.Mr. Li Jianyong took over the management authority of EOSC Foundation.