EOSForce Global DAPP Developer Contest | Project Finalists

EOSForce Global DAPP Developer Contest has officially closed its application channel. Over the past week, the contest committee has received 67 project applications in total. After the review by Community Developers Committee, now 30 projects selected to enter the final development stage of the contest.

Among the project finalists, beside the projects from Chinese communities, there are also teams from from both western and Korean communities. These projects cover various fields including public welfare, gaming, traceability, social and entertainment. Now let’s take a look at these projects (the list is un-ranked).

01 Waiting for You

Public Welfare Application
The project is the first application project based on community basic laws, aiming to establish a more effective search notice platform to help reunite lost individuals and the ones looking for them. The project is currently expanding in the traditional platforms and is in talks with local police departments as the official people-search tool. The project’s competitors are Baidu People Search and Baby Come Home (both Chinese companies).

Project advantages:

  • Search effectiveness: reduce cost and time in searching, increased success rate
  • Multiplicity in incentive: provide both material and moral incentive
  • Scaled participation: more participants on the platform with higher geographical coverage

Team consists of 5 people, from software engineers to university teachers.

02 Battle for Magic

Card game
In the card game, players are categorized into Wood, Water, and Fire (three of the five elements in Taoist traditions). Winners are determined on the cards played and are reserved for reward pools on a weekly lottery basis.

Team consists of 5 people with backgrounds in gaming, blockchain, artisttic design, and produce operations.

03 Ubuntu Energy Ledger

Energy Industry Application
The Ubuntu Energy Ledger DApp enables the selling of surplus solar energy produced by microgrids setup in a rural region. There are about 600 million people in Africa without access to electricity. Setting up such grids across the globe will allow them access to this resource as well as help communities become self-sufficient through the sales of the excess energy produced.

Project advantages:

  • Built on a highly scalable smart contract platform — EOSForce.
  • We use Blockchain to identify smart meters and record power generated onchain.
  • We have the flexibility of accepting EOSC tokens or Fiat when auser pays for power.
  • We help community members build a credit history where none existed through loans provided by Banks to aid in setting up solar microgrids.
  • Solution adaptable to all forms of renewable energy sources through use of smart meters.

Team consist of 3 members from the EOS Nairobi community.

04 EOSC Finger Guess

Interactive Game
EOSC Finger Guessis a gaming DApp. It currently only offers the PVE mode. In the PVE mode, players guess on the mora result and upload their assets onchain. The mora result is the remainder of 3 in the last two digits of the block hash. If the remainder is 0, the result is stone; 1, scissors; and 2, paper. Winners get 2x the orgininal sum. The sum from the lost party goes to the reward pool. A draw returns the money back to their owners. A 5% fee is deducted for each game as well as a 3% invitation bonus for the inviter.

Team consists of 10 members with background in Ethereum, wallet, exchange, and DApp development

05 Hongbao Grab Game

Social application
Similar to the Hongbao feature in WeChat, the application offers one-stop hongbao sending, hongbao grabbing, and picture sharing, to generate a community atmosphere.

Team is from the EOS Awake community, a leading EOSForce BP.

06 ForMore

Interactive Game
ForMore is an interactive game in which users guess on the price of EOSC. Every participant can bet on future ups or downs, with the ones placing the correct bet dividing the sum of the lost parties (platform fee deducted).

The advantage of the application lies in the interactions between players and fairness.

Team is an independent developer, a Java engineer.

07 Ingreos

Location-Based Game
This is an LBS game DApp on EOSForce. Players can pay EOSC for ownership of a building based on real-life GPS locations. Owners can run banners ads on the buildings and receive payments from the next building buyer. A new level is reached when the game hits a gameability threshold and enters a zero-sum battle, in which the feature of strategic games such as structure attack/defense are added.

The advantage of the project lies in moving LBS games like ingress onchain and adding tokeneconomic designs.

Team comes from Zhejiang University Blockchain Association.

08 Poros

Social Application
Poros is a social application based on the blockchain technology, dedicated to creating a new-generation social platform using blockchain, designing unique realistic virtual social systems to revolutionize social properties and to build new interpersonal connections. The ultimate goal is to build a new global live multi-person interactive social environment, adding social interactions to the digital world.

Team consists of five members who come from sizeable IT, blockchain companies.

09 Crypto Fun

Card Game
This is a popular multi-player instant battle card game. Players who play a card that has the same pattern as any one card already played gets all the cards between the two cards.

Team consists of game developers with 10+ years of game development.

10 CarChain Planet

Car Industrial Application
CarChain Planet is the DApp from the Car Chain project team. Car owners gain control of the data of their cars through the cryptographic technology on blockchain. Data include but not limited to vehicle status, driver behavior, and road status, and are gathered through the car OBD portal box. Car owners are rewarded tokens for their data through “driving as mining” model. Data can only be accessed with the owner’s permission.

Car Chain team members are Internet serial entrepreneurs with years of experience. The team has 8 members, 5 being technical staff. The project kickstarts self-funded and is now starting its first round of investment.

11 Big Tycoon

Interactive Game
Big Tycoon is an interactive entertainment game, in which all players throw dice in turn to move forward in the same map. Dice throwing costs EOSC, and 90% of the EOSC goes to the reward pool. Moving forward on the map triggers different events. Some of these events reward players from the reward pool.

Team consist of 10 members who have background in Ethereum, wallet, exchange, crypto pets, cryptocurrency and DApp development.

12 Raiders

Interactive Game
Raiders is a treasure hunt game, its rules as followed:

  1. Launch atreasure hunt, set up basic game parameters: number of participants and amount of the reward pool
  2. The player participates in the game and consumes the prize amount based on the number of participants.
  3. After the game is full, a lottery is initiated. According to the transaction hash value, the latest block hash value and other additional encryption materials, the winning serial number is randomly generated. The winner receives a full bonus.
  4. The platform charges a certain percentage of the handling fee.

The project will introduce the Token mechanism to conduct airdrops according to the proportion of users participating. 80% of the system fee will be returned to the Token holding user.

The team members are all from Shanghai and are composed of tech, product and design staff.

13 Siege

Strategy Game
This is an investment strategy game where players can enter the game by paying a certain amount of EOSC admission fee. Find and occupy the city in the map, the players occupying the city pool become guardians, and the city pool will bring benefits to the guards (from the prize pool). Players who don’t have a city can choose to attack a city and use the strategy game of the match to achieve a siege. Both offense and defense will have certain gains and losses, thus realizing the transfer of capital through the form of games. The game is zero-sum game, the player has the probability to achieve profit and loss on either side.

The biggest difference between this project and the traditional strategy game is that the game has investment properties, players can achieve the purpose of earning digital currency through their own strategies.

Two members of the team, who are studying for master’s degree at Zhejiang University, have experience in blockchain development. They have developed DApp in public blockchains such as Ethereum and Nebulas.

14 Advertising Expert

Advertising Industry Application
The advertising darling is an advertisement distribution DApp. Users can get rewards by answering fun questions in DApp, and the answer is the promotional information set by the advertiser. By setting questions and paying certain rewards, advertisers can find answers to questions by asking users to read the specified promotional information.

The development team is from Chengdu Diipus, with a direction in professional DApp development. They participated in the Nebulas Developer Competition and won 7 awards.

15 Contract Random Suits

Card Game
The contract randomly selects one of four suits (red envelope, spade, cube, plum) and returns it to the player according to the ratio of the suit.

16 Turing Public Interest

Financial Industry Application
For the relatively high management fees of public and non-public fundraising foundations, the complicated disclosure process, the relatively long fund-raising period, and the need to hire third-party audits, social mutual help platforms are prone to fund use transparency issues. This project will develop a charity fundraising and management Dapp to address these issues.

The Dapp publishes charitable fundraising and usage accounts on smart contracts, increasing donor review for each use of funds and reducing third-party audit expenses. Enhancing the donor’s sense of participation in the project also further promotes the better development of the public welfare undertaking.

The developer is the Blackwood Cliff team, a total of 5 people, all professional developers.

17 Card Game

Card Game
First, each player draws 4 random cards (both players can see the cards).

For each round, both players can choose a card from their own cards. The resulting and HP reductions will be calculated based on the selected card strength and element type.

At the end of each round, both players will draw a new random card.

When the opponent’s HP value is 0, the player wins. If all cards are drawn, the player with the most HP remaining will win.

The development team is the EOS Awake community, a top BP on the EOSForce mainnet.

18 Extended order

Classic Game
The expansion of order is a concept proposed by Hayek on how humans form a common pattern of behavior in long-term games. The Extended Order game will simulate the human game and players can choose different strategies to participate in the game and get rewards by winning the final.

The project has a sustainable economic model and a highly bonded community, and smart contract development is very efficient.

The development team has a total of 5 people and has completed seed round financing. The team members won the second place in the first blockchain economic model design competition (sponsored by Distributed Capital).

19 Chain

Onchain Ledger Application
Store some meaningful information on the chain.
Save the item with the highest voting score.
Activate user engagement by betting.

The team has 3 people with an expertise in back-end development.

20 Chain Yu

Community Application
The project aims to build an educational community that focuses on blockchain science. The user obtains the token by completing the task (such as blockchain core concept Q&As & practicing the use of Metamask); different Token level owners can unlock higher-level tasks; token holders receie daily task dividends; Tokens can be used for games in the platform and converted to real value in future, thereby reducing the educational cost of the blockchain concept and the use of hot and cold wallets and exchanges. It is hoped that the application popularizes blockchain technologies.

Individual developer, working in the R&D position of a well-known security company, led the DPC business project based on Ethereum and is an FCC Chengdu community lecturer.

21 Auto Parts Traceability Project

Automotive Industry Application
Combine blockchain technologies to track whether auto repairers use original parts for repairs. DApp provides mobile application for auto part business to provide data to the entire supply chain ecosystem with the help of blockchain data to achieve higher parts traceability, increased transparency and increased efficiency.

The team consists of 3 people and has participated in the Hiblock blockchain hacking contest.


Location-Based Game
This is an LBS sports. The main purpose is to gamify fitness and reward with Force. The game will be based on the real world, with iconic attractions or buildings around the player as a semblance to the virtual world (similar to pokemon). Energy will appear randomly on the map, and the player must move to the corresponding position in the physical position to collect the corresponding energy on the game map. Each time a player captures a stronghold, the player’s energy and basic Force will be deducted, and then the bonus (game bonus) after the stronghold will be owned by the player. The base of the occupation will also be captured by other players, but it will cost more energy and more force. The extra force will be divided into the previous player, and the game will also take part of the operating cost.

The team consists of 6 people and has rich experience in entrepreneurship and development.

23 Blockchain Video Network

Video Application
As a blockchain video platform, with the integration of the tokeneconomics, and the bancor model.

The platform issues learning coins, which are used throughout the platform and support provide real-time convertion.

The price of watching the video is is determined by the bancor model. The more people watching, the more tokens they need to pay, and the less people watch the video, the price is lower.

Actual video watchers will receive currency reward more than the amount paid to the platform. Thus Learning as Mining.

The development team is the EOSAwake community.

24 Blockchain Eternal Album

Image Application
This application is designed to provide functions similar to traditional personal photo albums. Users can save pictures or photos that they consider to be commemorative, such as paintings, photos with important people, wedding photos, etc., in the blockchain. Through the use of blockchain decentralization, information can not be falsified features, permanent preservation of pictures or photos is achieve. Thus blockchain eternal album.

Individual developer, more than 10 years of experience in software development.

25 Quarrel

Strategy Game
In the game, the player plays siege and rummage. The time of one game is tentatively 45 minutes, 2 steps in the beginning of each game

  1. Player (user) pays a certain EOSC (such as 5 / person) as a bonus pool
  2. The number of players m is large enough, at least greater than the number n of the city (such as 10).

The game directly introduces real-time EOSC settlement, allowing players to win digital currency directly through the game. The game wins and losses are not only based on the number of tokens held by the player, but also on the player’s strategy and operation, and the playability is greatly increased. The game is based on blockchain, which is much more credible and more transparent.

The team consists of 3 people, all of whom are from Zhejiang University, and are members of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Association. They focus on DApp development and blockchain frontier research, and have experience in DApp development on EOS.

26 My biggest

Random Number Game
“My biggest” is a puzzle entertainment game, where users can use a unit of EOSC or other Token to participate in the game, forming the prize pool of each round.

  1. During the participation process, the user inputs three random numbers (range 0–999), and the system generates a HASH value for the user based on the three numbers and the HASH of the previous block;
  2. Lottery: The HASH value is signed by the system account private key, and the sum of the last 2 digits of the signature value is taken as the size of the user, and the winner is evaluated according to the size.

Each round can limit up to 10 users to participate. If it does not reach 10 users, it will take 10 minutes to judge the final winner. If the winning user wins successfully, all the proceeds will be obtained after the current round of prize pool with platform fee deducted.

The team consists of 5 people from the technology research and development, project managers and designers of top 500 IT companies in Shanghai. They have strong technical strength and rich experience in products.

27 Chicken Laying Eggs

Probability Game
After the player puts in the token, there will be a probability of a golden egg. The more the investment, the higher the probability, the golden egg winner will win all the prize money of the prize pool.

The game operation is very simple, the process is clear, the data is real-time, and the economic rules of early play and more earning are added to enhance the player’s engagement.

The team of 3 people, all amateur developers.

28 Force Pixel Game

Pixel Game
Based on the open source project EOS Pixel Master, Force Pixel improvesthe size of the pixel canvas as well as the reward distribution mechanism and the time countdown mechanism to make the game pace faster and the prize pool bigger.

Team members have many years of experience in the development of the Internet industry.

29 Force Love

Onchain Ledger Application
Force Love is a love record DAPP deployed on the EOSForce blockchain. Any pair of couples, as long as the account name is bound to the SHA256 hash of their ID number, and is bound to the relationship with the other party, and Full network broadcast, LV (love coin) mining can be carried out according to the activity frequency of the two people. If one of the two is unbound, all LVs are cleared, but the binding record can be checked. When the two people’s binding relationship continues until the two people get married, through the certification of the predictive machine, then all LVs can be converted into equivalent EOSC, and will receive the official certificate of the project.

Team consists of individual developers have participated in the Nebulas Incentive Program and the Ontology Developers’ Reward, and participated in the construction of the Fibos node.

30 Team Punch

Community Application
Non-gaming games can enhance communication between friends. Between a group of friends, set a time period to punch the card, the person who completes the punch in the specified time can divide the participation amount of everyone in the group. Participants can double their bets. High bets, more dividends, and if you do not complete the task, the loss is doubled.

The development team is the EOS Awake community.

EOSForce thanks you all for your participation!




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