EOSForce Global Debut at EOS Summit 2018

EOS Summit 2018 offered a stage where the best blockchain projects and communities can showcase their idea and effort on a global stage. It was also a great occasion for communities from EOSIO to communicate their ideas from all over the world. Building on top of the industry-leading blockchain EOSIO, these communities brought about the work that’s pushing the limit of what blockchain is capable of. EOSForce showcased their industry-class work at the event and exactly how it’s pushing the frontier of the blockchain technology. As a leader in the blockchain development, EOSForce top-notch tech team offers the most advanced blockchain solutions that make mass adoption possible. In the next few minutes, we are going to show you page by page of how EOSForce is going to achieve this.

At EOSForce, we have three goals. We want to make the blockchain infrastructure open and easy-to-use. We want to make it scalable and cheap to maintain. And we want to make it mass adopted.

We see the future of blockchain as full application needs from a diversity of fields. We see mass communities of developers building on all sorts of different chains that power their popular applications. These developers should have the right tools and support to be able to do so. And all these blockchains must be able to communicate with each other.

With the right blockchain infrastructure, we want to have the best possible onchain community experience. We have a one-token-one-vote model to avoid Block Producer collusion. With a voting dividend sharing model, we solved the issue of low voter participation. By now EOSForce has 90%+ voters in the network voting for Block Producers.

At the same time, we want to avoid the flaws of an early stage system. We launched with minimal workable functionalities and then safely add more as the network matures. Now developers can easily deploy smart contract on EOSForce blockchain.

One unique design of EOSIO is the market solution issue to onchain resources. This has resulted in RAM price speculations and artificially ginned up network congestion. We solve the issue with the transaction fee model and so far EOSForce mainnet has never experienced a network congestion incident ever.

A major part of the any blockchain development is the value of the developer. To build excellent Dapps, you have to give developers the best developer experience. At EOSForce not only do we provide blokchain development tutorials, but we also have full blockchain development support to those projects that want to build a EOSForce Dappchain. Smooth developer experience trumps everything.

We are able to offer a smooth blockchain development because EOSForce is a multichain arhitecture blockchain. Any Dapp developers can launch their Dappchain and this means that Dapps can have very cheap resources for user use. And we have relaychain to provide interblockchain communications. This should be completed early 2019.

EOSForce currently boasts 7 Dapps in its arsenal, all built by developers, with full integration support from the one of the most popular crypto wallet in the industry — MathWallet, which has 20,000–30,000 daily active users.

EOSForce has a wide range of Block Producers that not only maintain the EOSForce network but also help us expand on a global level.

EOSForce held its first global Dapp developer contest in Noever 2018. 67 projects participated in it and the final Dapps that came out cover a wide range of industry and constitute some great application cases.

EOSForce has one of the best teams in the industry. EOSForce founder Cyborg is a star in China’s Internet space and has created companies that are core partners with Internet giants like Alibaba. EOSForce Chief Architect is has years in gaming industry and is proficient in cryptoeconomic. His tech background enables him to create blockchain architecture that scales and is great to use. Multichain architecture is the brainchild of his research.

Contact EOSForce

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Decentralized high-performance smart contract platform www.eosforce.io

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Decentralized high-performance smart contract platform www.eosforce.io

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