EOSIO Weekly Roundup(03.16–03.22)


Block.one CEO: B1 Focuses On Building Best Technology, Designing For High Performance, Horizontal Scalability, etc

Yves La Rose, CEO of EOS Nation, took to Twitter to announce that EOS is now processing more than 100M unique operations every 24 hours. While one Twitter user raised questions about it, saying “The market cap (EOS) is too low and security is too low to run any high cap stablecoins like USDC. EOS is a baby, minnow, teenyweeny, or fruitfuly in the blockchain space. Security and trust have been its problem since day one.”

As to such query, Brendan Blumer, co-founder and CEO of Block.one, replied: “By that logic, nobody can ever enter the market again, which we all know isn’t true. EOS has a flawless material security record, EOSIO is unrivaled in performance, and I’m confident EOS developers’ talent and numbers will keep outpacing other ecosystems.”

“The truth is, showtime hasn’t started for any blockchain ecosystem yet, and B1 isn’t focused on smoke and mirrors, were focused on building the best technology, designing for high performance, horizontal scalability, parallel processing, and easy integration,” he stressed later.

Several projects have the potential to demonstrate EOSIO capability at an unprecedented scale, and when the demand escalates for swapping out traditional database architecture for blockchain, they’re focused on making sure EOSIO is the only plausible choice, according to Brendan Blumer.

EOS LaoMao: BTC Will Be A Kind Of Asset; New Economic Status Will Emerge If Bridgewater Gets Into Trouble

EOS LaoMao tweeted to say that: “BTC will sure to be a genuine asset because it will not crash without the interference of the government. If Bridgewater gets into trouble, we can infer that the traditional hedge fund model reaches the end of the rope and the new economic status will appear soon.”

OKEx To Adjust Face Value Of EOSUSDT Perpetual Contract

According to the official Weibo news of OKEx, on March 17 from 08:00 to 08:30 UTC, OKEx will adjust the face value of EOSUSDT perpetual contract from 0.1 EOS to 10 EOS. During the upgrade process, the USDT perpetual contract of the corresponding crypto will be suspended from trading. Users can not place orders, cancel orders and add margin, etc., but the fund transfer will not be affected. In order to reduce the impact on transactions, users are requested to carry out risk control in advance by canceling orders, reducing positions or adding margin.

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