EOSIO Weekly Roundup

Block.one Invests $150M In Its Social Media App

According to The Block, Voice, the social media App launched by Block.one, has received $150 million from its parent company.

All Active Block Producers Enabled EOS VM

EOS Nation posted a Twitter thread, “Active Block Producers have now enabled EOS VM on all producing nodes! The fatest blockchain network in the world just go faster!”

Europechain launches a COVID-19 monitoring app based on EOSIO

Europechain announced the integration of a monitoring service for COVID-19 into their FACT application. Europechain is a consortium of blockchain experts using the EOSIO protocol within their public blockchain. What will their COVID-19 tracker be useful for?

WAX Staking and Some Free Accounts

The Wax Guild Maltablock introduced a new method to create a WAX Account via Telegram and provided enough funds to give out 1000 accounts free of charge. The @waxmeetupbot lives in telegram and is based on the signupwaxwax smart contract, which the team presented in January. In the next phase, this bot will have interactive abilities such as answering frequently asked questions.



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