EOSIO Weekly Roundup

2 min readApr 21, 2020



EOSC Foundation Will Take Over EOSC Budget System

At the 16th EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting, BPs voted Proposal for Introducing An Entrusted Foundation to Participate in The Governance of Budget System V2.0 FIP#18 through. EOSC Budget System will be formally handed over to the Foundation for management after the current term of the Budget Committee ends.

BB: EOS WPS Is Powerful When Utilizing Democratized Consensus

Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer, also known as BB, tweeted to state that an EOS WPS can be powerful and practical when leveraging democratized consensus to identify opportunity and cement accountability. Without involving the public, value is lost, he highlighted.

“B1 PBE is actively working on these concepts and looks forward to collaborating with the community,” added he.

Nearly 2.5 Mln EOS Moved

Monitored by Whale Alert, 2,497,083 EOS ($6,819,001 USD) were transferred from the address “zbeoschangel” to another address “huobidevice3” at 00:15:46 UTC on April 19.

The transaction hash is b3017b3f8efd7f92f48cfff4c4f01063372ccd594c0ce3d4ea97ea0c44a02a82.

China’s BSN To Support EOS Nodes In July

Led by the State Information Center, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) stated that it will support EOS nodes outside China in late July. Besides, Ethereum nodes and other public chain nodes will then be progressively supported by BSN.

PeckShield: Some Voice Phishing Accounts Have Illegally Profited 9044 EOS

Recently, PeckShield has detected that there is a large number of inductive memo transaction information on the EOS mainnet, which has been verified as phishing scam websites posing as the Voice official account. Multiple accounts such as voiceechange and airdropvoice have gained altogether 9,044 EOS. PeckShield recommends that users should be aware of the false information of voice token collection, and can tell the true or false by checking the funds’ transfer status of the phishing account. For now, 73,874 EOS accounts have been attacked by these phishing accounts.




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