How is EOSForce Mainnet Vote-Buying Resistant

A part of the vote-trading document leaked by a Huobi employee
  • EOS BPs can vote up to 30 other BPs with each of their tokens. They can choose to vote for the ones as they please, and there would be no disincentive for them not to use up the full 30 vote cap.
  • Certain top BPs hold massive amounts of vote and have firm connections with whale holders or are whale holders themselves. These votes hold so much of the network active votes that they can gurantee a top 21 BP position or more.
  • There is a number of top BPs that hold no active community, and the background of their team and the source of their votes remain unknown.

EOSForce Mainnet — a Vote-Buying Resistant Mainnet


Voter Dividend Incentive

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