How to Configure EOSForce Mainnet on Scatter Desktop

If you have an EOS genesis account with EOS, you should also have an EOSForce account with EOSC, which is the official asset on the EOSForce mainnet. Not that familiar with EOSForce mainnet? Not a problem, we will cover that later. Let’s help you get your genesis EOSC air drop first.

This is the official guide on how you can activate your EOSForce genesis account for genesis EOSC and your voting dividend reward for voting on the EOSForce mainnet.

Here is the general rule:
Anyone (excluding the team) who held the ERC-20 EOS at the time of the ERC-20 EOS snapshot on UTC 2 June 2018 22:00:00 AND completed the mainnet mapping will be entitled to an equal amount of EOSC. At the launch of EOSForce mainnet launch on UTC 22 June 02:00, you would have ERC-20 EOS and an equal amount of EOSC in your wallet. If your ERC-20 EOS were held with a third party service provider (such as exchanges), you will have to enquire with them separately regarding the distribution of EOSC.

Now, let’s find out how to get your asset back to your hands.

Open the explorer page and enter your ERC-20 address:

This is your EOSForce public key right here.

Set up a new network for

In the new network setup, enter the settings as followed:
The new chainID is: bd61ae3a031e8ef2f97ee3b0e62776d6d30d4833c8f7c1645c657b149151004b

Click the check button to save the new network.

Now you should see the EOSForce network on your Scatter:

Click your current “key name” and enter your account name to add your EOSForce account under this “key name”.

Iimport your existing key pair. Enter your private key and Scatter will automatically recognize the account you created beforehand.

You should now see that your account is already linked to EOSForce mainnet.

Select your identity when the requests your EOSForce account:

Log in and select @active.

Hooray! Now you can check your EOSC balance on the browser:

On the browser page, you can choose to vote for BPs. Leave out the 0.05 EOSC transaction fee when voting. On the BP list, you can view the percentage of BP reward sharing. That is how much of the BP reward BP distributes back to the voters and community. After voting, you can receive your reward calculated based on the bonus rate:

You can also send and deposit EOSC on the browser. There are more features on the browser at your disposal.

Congratulations! Now you are officialy an active member of the EOSForce mainnet ecosystem!

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EOSForce is dedicated to exploring more open blockchain infrastructure through practice. We push the applications of blockchain technology in all fields by consistently developing the multichain architecture protocol. The EOSForce development team is so far the only team that’s able to develop on the fundamental level of the EOSIO code outside Block.One.

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