Meeting Minutes-The 16th EOSC Mainnet BP Meeting

  • Time: At 15:00 on April 15th, 2020 (UTC+8)
  • Link:
  • Attendee: Representatives from the BPs, community members and all members of the Secretariat
  • Host: Guo Ying
  • Interpreter: Lily


  1. Discuss & Vote on Proposal for Introducing An Entrusted Foundation to Participate in The Governance of Budget System V2.0
  2. Release Work Regulation for EOSC Mainnet Secretariat


  • Introduction of the proposal
  • Some opinions on the proposal from Su Boming, one of the community members
  • Interpretations of the proposal from Captain Force
  • Voting on the proposal
  • Voting results: Among the 23 BPs, there were 18 “yes” votes, 0 “no” vote, 5 abstentions. The proposal was approved and officially took effect.
  • The community commissioned the secretariat to implement the proposal.
  • Captain Force introduced the background of this regulation.
  • Introduction of “Work Regulation for EOSC Mainnet Secretariat 1.0”.
  1. Mechanism Specification
  2. Process Specification
  • The guiding significance and expectation of “Work Regulation for EOSC Mainnet Secretariat 1.0” on the work of the Secretariat.
  • The iteration and improvement route of “Work Regulation for EOSC Mainnet Secretariat 1.0”.
  • Publish the release channels and participation methods of this regulation.


Email for BP

Meeting Recording:


Recorder: Jack

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