The Cross-Chain Interoperability of EOSC Assets on Huobi ECO Chain Is Realized

EOSC Mainnet has been running stably for more than two years since it’s launch on June 22, 2018 (BJS) as the Blockchain technology and insdustry flourish. In order to accelerate the expansion of EOSC mainnet for DeFi in keeping with the Blockchain development trend, the EOSC community will launch the XFORCE cross-chain function to deliver the value of EOSC to other mainnets with more users, such as ETH, HECO, BSC, POLKADOT, etc., giving EOSC more value and application scenarios.

How does XFORCE Cross-Chain function work?

  1. From EOSC to other mainnets: Through the smart contract gateway deployed on EOSC mainnet, the user can transfer EOSC to the gateway to lock, and then the gateway will issue the corresponding amount of XFORCE to the specified address in the XFORCE contract of the corresponding cross-chain mainnet.
  2. From other mainnets to EOSC: If the corresponding XFORCE tokens are transferred from another mainnet to XFORCE contract, the XFORCE contract will immediately destroy these tokens, and then transfer the corresponding EOSC to the designated EOSC account through the smart contract gateway deployed on the EOSC mainnet.

HECO Cross-Chain Contract Address


Cross-Chain Bridge (Support Math Wallet, Tokenpocket Wallet)




Decentralized high-performance smart contract platform

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Decentralized high-performance smart contract platform

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