Work Regulation for EOSC Mainnet Secretariat


2.Routine Work

2.1 Work Division

2.2 Regular Meetings of the Secretariat

2.3 Organize Discussions on Community Proposals

2.4 Organize BP/Community Meetings

2.5 Organize Node Multi-Signature

2.6 Offline Nodes Recovery

3. Community Operation

3.1 BP Community Operation

3.2 Daily Community Article Operation

4. Work Report

5.Term Changing of the Secretariat

5.1 Publish Registration Notice

5.2 Confirm Registration Information

5.3 Election Speech

5.4 Participant Confirmation

5.5 Official Election


7. Authorities

7.1 Administrative Authority of Github-DAO Board

7.2 Administrative Authority of Community Forums

8. Other


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